Do you currently file a paper tax return for your Self Assessment? There is a BIG change coming that you need to be aware of.

Mar 31, 2023

HMRC has advised that for the 21/22 tax year, 385,000 taxpayers filed paper Self Assessment tax returns. If you were one of them, this could affect you, as HMRC is currently writing to taxpayers to inform them they will not automatically receive a tax return form for 22/23. Letters are currently being sent out between 23rd March and 4th April 2023.

This is a step in pushing taxpayers to file online as part of the government’s objective to have everyone interacting digitally with HMRC and other government bodies.

Who will receive a letter?

135,000 taxpayers who normally file their Self Assessment tax return on paper will receive a letter from HMRC, which will advise them they won’t receive a tax return form automatically this year. Instead, they will be asked to file their return online via or by using commercial software.

The digital future

HMRC has a target over the next two years to reduce the volume of letters and forms it sends out via paper. It will continue to persuade taxpayers to use its digital channels where possible which is usually quicker and easier than communicating via post or over the phone.

What if you cannot file online?

Should you not have internet access you are advised to contact HMRC on 0300 200 3610 where you can request a paper form to be sent to you.

Taxpayers aged over 70, who are not already filing digitally and who do not have a tax agent appointed will continue to automatically receive a paper tax return form. Likewise, those who are not digitally capable, such as disabled employers who may employ personal assistants and carers – in these circumstances they will be able to choose to communicate with HMRC non-digitally.

There are other exclusions and special cases from online filing, listed on, in which the taxpayer can use digital software to print the form in a format acceptable to HMRC.

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